1 operation, 1 establishing a connection, 2 downloading a program – Campbell Scientific CD295 DataView II Dual Line Display User Manual

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DataView II (CD295) Dual Line Display

4.2.1 Operation Establishing a Connection

1. Start the ‘Device Configuration’ utility.

2. Select CD295 from the ‘Device Type’ on the left hand side of the window.

Verify the Serial Port in the bottom left of the window is correct and Click
the ‘Connect’ button.

3. DevConfig will automatically detect the connection speed and PakBus

address of the DataView II. Once detection is complete, 3 tabs should
appear in the window on the right-hand side. These are ‘Program Control’,
‘Send OS’ and ‘Settings Editor’.

The ‘Program Control’ tab is used to send a program to the DataView II,
and is the most commonly used of the three tabs.

As the name suggests, the ‘Send OS’ tab is used to send an Operating
System (OS) to the DataView II. This is used to upgrade the firmware of
the CD295.

The ‘Settings Editor’ tab is used to read/modify the addresses and timers
mentioned above. Downloading a Program

1. To download a program, ensure that you are already connected to the

CD295 and the ‘Program Control’ tab is selected. Click the ‘Send
Program’ button.