Programming, 1 pc295, 1 operation – Campbell Scientific CD295 DataView II Dual Line Display User Manual

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DataView II (CD295) Dual Line Display

6. Once the Setup is complete, the following window is displayed. You are

now ready to start using PC295. Click OK.

4. Programming

4.1 PC295

PC295 software is a freeware utility provided by Campbell Scientific Australia
to write programs for the DataView II.

PC295 first reads the datalogger program, to generate the list of Public
Variables and to determine the scan rate of the datalogger. Once this
information has been determined, the user is able to choose a public variable to
display, and can associate ‘Description’ and ‘Units’ strings with it to form a
‘screen’. A group of screens forms a user program, and PC295 saves this
program to disk in a DV2 file.

By default, the first part of the filename is the same as the datalogger program
from which it was generated. So for example, if you opened station1.cr2 to
create the DataView II program, PC295 would save the program as
station1.dv2. This naming convention is strongly recommended, but not

4.1.1 Operation

1. To start PC295, Click Start > Programs > PC295W DataView2

Programming Software > PC295W DataView2 Programming Software.