012e module power management – Avaya PARTNER-18D User Manual

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012E Module Power Management


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012E Module Power Management

The power supply used in the 012E module is adequate to power the 12 ETR
ports under normal conditions. However, if too many large PARTNER telephones
(such as the PARTNER-34D) are off-hook with speakerphone volume set to high
levels, the power supply could be overloaded. Power management of the 012E
module eliminates the power supply overload.

When a power threshold is exceeded, all telephones connected to the 012E
module will appear as follows:

• LED display dims to a minimal level

• Speakerphone volume is decreased

To clear this condition, place one of the telephones connected to the 012E
module on-hook. The LED display and speakerphone volume on all telephones
return to normal. If this power management event occurs frequently, you should
consider moving some telephones to available ports on other modules.

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