Sony KDL-52XBR7 User Manual

Page 42

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Available in the following Picture Modes: Standard, Cinema,
Custom, Photo-Standard, Photo-Original, and Photo-


Resets all the advanced settings to the default

Black Corrector Enhances black areas of the picture for stronger


Advanced C.E.
Contrast Enhancer)

Automatically optimizes the backlight and
contrast. This setting is especially effective for
dark picture scenes.


Adjusts the balance between light and dark areas
of the picture.

Clear White

Emphasizes white and light colors.

Color Space

Selects the range of color reproduction from
Wide or Standard.

Live Color

Available when Color Space is set to Wide.
Makes colors more vivid and reproduces clear
skin tones.

White Balance

Adjusts the color temperature in detail.


Picture settings for all inputs can also be accessed by pressing OPTIONS on the

remote control, then selecting Picture Adjustments settings from the OPTIONS

Picture settings available during PC input are Picture Mode, Reset, Backlight,

Picture, Brightness, and Color Temperature.

Motion Enhancer

Activates Motionflow to enhance the smoothness of picture movement and to reduce blur.


Provides smoother picture movement for film-based content.


Provides smooth picture movement. Use this setting for standard use.


Use this setting when the High and Standard settings result in video
artifacts such as ghosting.


• A noticeable change may be seen depending on the video.
Motion Enhancer is not available when Game Mode is set to On.


Automatically detects film-based content and applies an inverse 3-2 pull-down process
and a motion estimation engine to improve film content and de-interlacing performance.

Auto 1

Applies an inverse 3-2 pull-down process along with motion
estimation to obtain the smoothest picture quality and reduces artifacts
of moving images. Select for standard use.

Auto 2

Applies only the inverse 3-2 pull-down process. Picture movement
will be similar to the original film.


Turns off CineMotion.


• The CineMotion feature can be set separately for each input (except PC IN).