Tv settings descriptions, Product support, Clock/timers settings – Sony KDL-52XBR7 User Manual

Page 40: Product support clock/timers settings, 40 tv settings descriptions

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TV Settings Descriptions

Product Support

Contact Sony

Sony contact information is available from this screen for your convenience. Your TV’s
specific information such as Model Name, Serial Number, Software Version and
downloadable ratings if available from the TV are displayed here.

Signal Diagnostics

Select to view the diagnostics information for the current signal.

Software Update

To view the current software version and check for software updates, the network must be
connected to the TV or a broadcast download must be available (for U.S. customers only).

V/v to choose the new version (if available) and press

to begin the software



• The Cable/Antenna cable needs to be connected directly to the TV and have digital TV

programming (not available with the use of a cable box).

• The broadcast download is performed while the TV is off.
• The software update is performed while the TV is powered on.
• Do not turn off the TV during the software update, it may damage the TV software.

Clock/Timers Settings

Current Time

Set the current day and time (date, hour, minutes, and AM/PM). The Timer feature will
not be available until you set the Current Time.


• If the option is disabled, the TV Guide On Screen has automatically set the time.


Timer can be set to have the TV tune to a certain TV channel or other connected
equipment as well as a specified volume at the specified time and duration you set.
Turning on the Timer will allow setting the following: Day of the Week, Time,
Duration, Input, Channel, and TV On Volume.

Sleep Timer

Sets the time in minutes (Off, 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 90 min, or 120 min)
that you want the TV to remain on before shutting off automatically.