Sony KDL-52XBR7 User Manual

Page 56

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Some digital cable channels
are not being displayed

• Certain cable companies have limitations on the broadcast of digital cable

channels. Check with your cable company for more information.

• The digital cable channel may be set to Hidden in the Show/Hide Channels

setting (see page 46).

Some photo files or music
files are not displayed from
my USB equipment or DLNA
Certified media server

• The accessible file or folder limit in a directory is 1,000 for USB and 30,000 for

a DLNA Certified media server. This limit includes non-JPEG, MP3 files or just
folders. Files or folders are populated based on their time stamps. Photo, music
files or folders exceeding the limit will not be displayed.

Photo images appear small in
the screen

• Set Display Size to Expanded (see page 31).
• Whether or not photo images can or cannot be displayed in full-screen depends

on the resolution or aspect ratio of the file.

Photo images or folders take
time to display

• Depending on the image dimension, file size, and number of files in a folder,

some photo images or folders take time to display.

• The first time a camera is connected to the TV via USB cable, it may take up to

a couple of minutes for the photos to display.

Lost password

• Select the Password settings on the Parental Lock settings, then enter the

following master password: 4357. This password clears your previous password
and allows you to enter a new password (see page 47).

How to reset the TV to factory

• Turn on the TV. While holding down

V on the remote control, press POWER

on the TV. (The TV will turn itself off, then back on again.) Release


WARNING: The reset will clear all of your customized settings including the
Parental Lock setting.

The speaker grill is loose

• Orient the speaker grill so that the location of the marks on the speaker grill and

TV match, insert the protrusions on the speaker grill into the holes on the TV,
and support gently. Check that the speaker grill and TV are in contact without
any gaps, and then secure it by pushing and sliding the speaker grill left into


• Do not touch the speakers and their surrounding areas. Do not move the TV

while the speaker grill is detached.

TV screen feels warm

• Due to the thin profile of this television, the heat generated by the LCD panel

backlight and supporting electronics will be more noticeable. This is normal
operation and not a cause for concern.