Initial setup – Sony KDL-52XBR7 User Manual

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If you missed the Initial Setup when you first connected the TV or if you want to scan all receivable
channels, select Initial Setup. Follow the instructions on the screen. Some settings such as Picture
, Sound Adjustments, and Parental Lock will not be affected by this Initial Setup. If
you wish to return your TV to factory settings, please see the Troubleshooting section on page 56.

Home Menu Scrolling Adjust the navigation speed through menu items.


Select to scroll quickly with

V/v buttons.

Mode 1

Select to scroll slowly with

V/v buttons.

Mode 2

Select to scroll individually with repeated

V/v/B/b button press.

Power Saving

Reduces the power consumption by adjusting the backlight brightness. This also enhances
the black level. Select from Off, Low, High and Picture Off.


• While Picture Off is set, pressing VOL +/– or MUTING buttons will not disable this

function. Press other buttons to disable it.

Light Sensor

Enables the automatic picture (screen) brightness control. The Light Sensor measures
the room brightness which allows the TV to automatically adjust the backlight brightness
based on the picture settings and the ambient room light conditions.


• Be sure not to put anything around the sensor, as its function may be affected (see page 18).
• In low light the range of the backlight control is reduced when the Light Sensor is set

to On.

PC Power

Select On to have the TV automatically enter standby mode when there is no signal input
for more than 30 seconds. The STANDBY LED on the front panel illuminates with the
On option. Select Off to disable this feature.


• Press POWER to exit from standby mode.
PC Power Management is not VESA-compliant.

Logo Illumination

Select On to illuminate the SONY logo on the front panel or select Off to disable this

Picture Adjustments

Select Lock to prevent the picture adjustments from being changed. To disable this
feature and allow picture adjustments, select Unlock.

Initial Setup


Favorite channel list will be cleared each time you run the Initial Setup.