Other information, Troubleshooting – Sony KDL-52XBR7 User Manual

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Other Information

Other Information


If you have questions, service needs, or require
technical assistance related to the use of your
Sony TV, please visit our website or call one of
the following numbers:

http://www.sony.com/tvsupport for US Support
http://www.sony.ca/support for Canadian Support
1-800-222-SONY(7669) for US Support
1-877-899-SONY(7669) for Canadian Support



No picture

No picture

• Check the Power Saving settings (see page 52).

Cannot receive any channels

• Make sure the power cord is connected securely.
• Turn on the power of the TV.
• Check cable/antenna connections.
• Make sure the Signal Type setting is correct for your TV signal source.

TV is locked to one channel

• Perform Auto Program to add receivable channels that are not present in the

TV’s memory (see pages 16 and 46).

Cannot receive or select

• Perform Auto Program to add receivable channels that are not present in the

TV’s memory (see pages 16 and 46).

• To receive or select cable channels, make sure that Signal Type in the

Channel settings is set to Cable (see page 46). To receive or select UHF
channels over an antenna, make sure Signal Type is set to Antenna.

The TV turns off

• Check if Sleep Timer is activated, or confirm the Duration setting of Timer

(see page 40).

• Check PC Power Management in General Setup settings (see page 52).

No picture from some video

• Check the connection between the optional video equipment and the TV.
• Press INPUT on the remote control (see page 22).
• Press HOME on the remote control. Select your desired input from the

External Inputs list.

Poor picture

Picture quality not as good as
viewed at the store

• Picture quality depends on the signal content. See Quick Setup Guide

(supplied) to display the best possible picture for that signal.

Broadcast HD formats have
poor quality

• Content and signal quality are regulated by the signal provider. Many HD

channels and content are actually upscaled versions of standard-definition
broadcasts. The picture is affected by the quality of the signal received, which
varies between channel and program.

• Confirm the picture quality by selecting Signal Diagnostics in the Product

Support settings (page 40). Then select Sample Image (or Additional
first). An HD image will display on the screen to confirm routine
panel operation. If your normal picture quality is worse than this sample image,
it is most likely due to the signal provided by the broadcaster.

Double images or ghosts

• Check cable/antenna connections.
• Check the antenna location and direction.
• Set the Motion Enhancer to Standard or Off (see page 42).

Only snow and noise appear
on the screen

• Check if the antenna is broken or bent.
• Check if the antenna has reached the end of its serviceable life. (3-5 years in

normal use, 1-2 years at the seaside.)

Dotted lines or stripes

• Keep the TV away from noise sources such as cars, motorcycles, or hair-dryers.
• If using 300 ohm twin lead, move the excess lead away from the TV or try using

75 ohm coaxial cable instead.