Closed captions (cc) settings, Parental lock settings – Sony KDL-52XBR7 User Manual

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The Parental Lock feature allows you to block programs according to their content and rating levels and
block channels (regardless of the programs). Password is necessary in setting up blocking.


• The Parental Lock feature is also available with Video and Component (480i) inputs.

To View Blocked Programs

Press ENT when tuned to a blocked program, then enter the password. To reactivate the Parental Lock settings, turn
off and on the TV.

Closed Captions (CC) Settings

CC Display

This option allows you to view Closed Captions (CC).


Enables CC Display.


Disables CC Display.

On with Muting Automatically displays closed captions when the TV is muted.

Analog CC

For the basic analog (EIA-608) closed caption options.

CC1, CC2,
CC3, CC4

Displays a printed version of the dialogue or sound effects of a
program. (Should be set to CC1 for most programs.)

Text1, Text2,
Text3, Text4

Displays network/station information presented using either half or
the whole screen (if available).

Digital CC

For both analog (EIA-608) and digital (EIA-708) closed caption options.
Select from Service 1-6 and CC1-4 (advanced digital closed caption options).

Display Options

Customize the Closed Captions (CC) displays with Text, Character Size,
Character Style
, Character Color, Character Opacity, Edge Type, Edge Color,
Background Color
and Background Opacity.


Closed Captions (CC) can be turned On, Off or On with Muting directly by pressing CC on the remote


Parental Lock Settings



Use 0-9 button on the remote control to enter a four-digit password. The first time the
password is created, you must re-enter it again to confirm the password. “Password set”
message will appear on the screen upon confirmation.

Change Password
You can change your password by entering the Parental Lock setting with the
previously set password. Highlight and select Change Password, then enter the new


• You need your password for any future access into the Parental Lock settings. If you

lose your password, see “Lost password” on page 56.


Select the country name of U.S.A. or Canada for the appropriate ratings. The rating
system varies between these two countries. See Custom Rating System Chart on page 49.