Quest – Sunlight Supply Quest Dual 155 Overhead Dehumidifier User Manual

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Quest 105, 155, and 205 Dual

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions


7.1 Air Filter

The Quest Dual ships with a standard MERV 11 efficient pleated fabric filter. This should be checked
every six months. The pleated fabric filter can generally be vacuumed clean several times before needing
replacement. Operating the unit with a dirty filter will reduce dehumidifier capacity and efficiency and may
cause the compressor to cycle on and off unnecessarily. Replacement filters can be ordered from your dealer
or by calling 1-800-533-7533.

8. Service

WARNING! Servicing the Quest Dual with its high pressure refrigerant system and

high voltage circuitry presents a health hazard which could result in death, serious
bodily injury, and/or property damage. Only qualified service people should service this

8.1 Technical Description

The Quest Dual uses a refrigeration system similar to an air conditioner’s to remove heat and moisture from
incoming air, and add heat to the air that is discharged. Hot, high pressure refrigerant gas is routed from
the compressor to the condenser coil. The refrigerant is cooled and condensed by giving up its heat to the
air that is about to be discharged from the unit. The refrigerant liquid then passes through a filter/drier and
capillary tubing which cause the refrigerant pressure and temperature to drop. It next enters the evaporator
coil where it absorbs heat from the incoming air and evaporates.

The evaporator operates in a flooded condition, which means that all the evaporator tubes contain
liquid refrigerant during normal operation. A flooded evaporator should maintain constant pressure and
temperature across the entire coil, from inlet to outlet. The mixture of gas and liquid refrigerant enter the
accumulator after leaving the evaporator coil. The accumulator prevents any liquid refrigerant from reaching
the compressor. The compressor evacuates the cool refrigerant gas from the accumulator and compresses it
to a high pressure and temperature gas to repeat the process.

Quest Dual refrigeration system

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