Quest – Sunlight Supply Quest Dual 155 Overhead Dehumidifier User Manual

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Quest 105, 155, and 205 Dual

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions



Asset Protection and IAQ Solutions


WARNING! Before installing the dehumidifier in the manner described in section

4.1D (Fig. 4), call the factory for specific instructions if backdraft devices (i.e. hot waters
heaters) are present in the space to be dehumidified.

4.1D In A Remote Area, Ducted Return Only (fig. 4)

When the Quest Dual is located in a room separate from the main area to be dehumidified, it may be
desirable to dehumidify and/or slightly pressurize that room. Pressurization assures that open combustion
devices do not backdraft. This can be prevented by installing a duct from the humid room to the Quest Dual
inlet and by allowing the Quest Dual to discharge dehumidified air into the room in which it’s located. An
adequate air flow path must exist between the two rooms for this method to work properly.


4.2 Electrical Requirements

The Quest Dual plugs into a common grounded outlet on a 110-120 VAC 15-Amp circuit. Use of a ground
fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protected circuit is recommended. The unit should not be used in areas prone
to flooding.


Front View

Input of

Humid Air

Output of Dehumidified Air

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