Quest, Operation – Sunlight Supply Quest Dual 155 Overhead Dehumidifier User Manual

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Quest 105, 155, and 205 Dual

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions



Asset Protection and IAQ Solutions


6. Operation

6.1 Humidity Control Adjustment

The humidity control is an adjustable switch that closes when the relative humidity of the air in which it is
located rises to the dial set point. It opens when the RH drops 4 to 6% below the set point.

Approximate Humidity Levels Per Setting


20% to 30% Relative Humidity


50% Relative Humidity (Recommended)


80% to 90% Relative Humidity

The dehumidifier will run until the relative humidity (RH) is reduced to the humidity control dial setting.

Quality humidity meters are available from the factory and are recommended to accurately monitor humidity
levels. Contact your dealer or call 1-800-533-7533 to order.

6.2 Blower (Fan) Switch

Turning the blower switch to


will cause the unit’s internal blower to run continuously, whether

the unit is dehumidifying or not. This function is desirable if the unit is used for air circulation.

Turning the blower switch to


will cause the unit’s internal blower to run only while the unit is


7. Maintenance

WARNING! NOTE: Do not operate the unit without the filter or with a less effective

filter. The heat exchange coils inside the unit could become clogged and require
disassembly to clean.


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