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4.2 AT Interface

2N VoiceBlue MAX


uses the list of AT commands derived from the standard AT set

for configuration and monitoring purposes.

The configuration entering commands start with AT%parameter_id.

The configuration writing out commands start with AT&section.

The following list of AT commands is universal and some commands may not be
included in


2N VoiceBlue MAX


Basic Commands

System Information

ATI3 – Firmware version and copyright
ATI4 – Factory number


AT&T – Statistics of calls via PRI interface
AT&TIN – Statistics of incoming calls via GSM modules
AT&TOUT – Statistics of outgoing calls via GSM modules
AT&T## – Statistics of calls via SIM cards of GSM module ##
AT%TPR=mi,ci,mo,co – Setting of statistics via PRI
AT%TG0=mi,ci,0,0 – Setting of statistics of incoming calls via all GSM modules
in GSM group 0
AT%TG#=mi,co,ri,ro – Settings of statistics of GSM group #
AT%TGALL=mo.co,ri,ro – Settings of statistics of all GSM groups
AT%T##=#,mi,ci,si,mo,co,so – Settings of statistics of SIM card # of GSM
module ##
AT%T##=ALL,mi,ci,si,mo,co,so – Settings of statistics of all SIM cards of
GSM module ##
AT%TALL=ALL,mi,ci,si,mo,co,so – Settings of statistics of all SIM cards of all
GSM modules
Description of parameters:

Mi/mo – Minutes of incom./outg
callsCi/co – number of connected incom./outg
callsRi/ro – number of re-routed incom/outg
calls in groupSi/so – number of received/sent SMS messages

When you change these parameters, all the other counters will be reset!