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4.1 Terminal-Based Communication

2N VoiceBlue MAX


allows for communication via the TCP/IP Telnet protocol. The

maximum count of active Telnet sessions is ten. If there are more Telnet connection
requests than ten, the GSM gateway rejects the connection.


2N VoiceBlue MAX


acts as an ANSI terminal with echo. Text commands are entered

in one of the following formats: AT[command]<CR>, or AT[command]<CR><LF>. The
answer consists of up to several rows, an empty row with <CR><LF> and the reply
type: OK, ERROR, or BUSY. Use A/<CR> to repeat the command.

The gateway requests a password by displaying the





It uses an extended set of AT commands for configuration. Refer to

for the


list of terminal AT commands.

Example of a login window:

[ VoiceBlue MAX ] V– B–1.20
Date/time: 4.1.2013/20:56:53.98
SNumber: M204–5401270008
Login: Admin
Password: **

Access Data

2N VoiceBlue MAX


receives Telnet requests on port 23. Port 23 can not be


The access password and name are identical with those of the web interface. The
access data cannot be changed from the gateway Telnet interface (only from the web
interface) for security reasons.

Refer to

for access data factory settings.

Subs. 2.2