Clip routing table + callback, Mobility extension – 2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.3 User Manual

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Groups – set the GSM outgoing groups to be used for the selected LCR row.

Fallback port (9): set the fallback port. If the fallback port service is
unavailable, the next LCR table row is applied. Select the appropriate
routing rule to set the fallback port in the Gateway configuration


Port modes

Tariffs – select the tariff group (free minute counter) to be used for the outgoing
call. Refer to the

for more details.

GSM outgoing groups

Ignore tone detection in last group – having detected a user defined tone (refer

), the GSM gateway terminates the call and seeks for

GSM basic settings

another call setup option by default. If this parameter is activated, the GSM
gateway ignores the tone detection results and sets up the call if this is the last
call setup option.

CLIP Routing Table + CallBack

The table permanently assigns CLIPs to the extensions to which incoming calls are to
be routed automatically and set the CLIP list for the GMS network for which the
CallBack function is enabled.

GSM number (CLIP) – user identification in a GSM/UMTS network.

AutoDial – enable/disable CLIP routing for the selected CLIP.

Dial to VoIP – enter the VoIP destination number for CLIP routing.

Auto CallBack – enable/disable CallBack for the selected CLIP.

Limit – set the maximum call length (in minutes).

Mobility Extension

The table registers the Mobility Extension users.

Name – enter the user name for calling to VoIP.

User – enter the registration user name for VoIP.

Password – enter the registration user password for VoIP.

GSM number (CLIP) – enter the user SIM card CLIP.

Follow me function – enable/disable call forwarding to a mobile user station
(based on CLIP).

SMS at no answer function – enable/disable sending of information SMS on


You are recommended to read the Routing Algorithm for Outgoing

section on p. before setting the LCR table and prefix lists.


Remember to set the tariffs correctly in the


GSM outgoing groups

n to make tariff routing work properly.

The maximum count of LCR table records is 64.


Remember to activate the CallBack mode in the

GSM incoming groups

window for a proper CallBack function.

The maximum count of CLIP routing table records is 96.