2 safety precautions – 2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.3 User Manual

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1.2 Safety Precautions

It is prohibited to use any transmitters, including the UMTS/GSM devices, in
areas where explosives are used, such as quarries.
It is prohibited to use the GSM gateways at petrol stations where mobile
telephones are also prohibited.
GSM phones may affect sensitive life-saving devices in medical centres.
Therefore, it is forbidden to use GSM/UMTS devices, including the GSM gateways,
in such facilities.
In general, any prohibition regarding mobile phones based on RF energy
radiation applies to GSM/UMTS devices too.
If necessary, the GSM gateways may be installed at a safe distance from the
prohibited area and connected with the original place through an Ethernet cable.
Although GSM gateways are not intended for cars or aeroplanes, all relevant
prohibitions and regulations regarding mobile phones apply to them too.