Model situation – 2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.3 User Manual

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Model Situation

“Follow me” function

Figure 1: Follow Me Function

Fig. 1 shows routing of calls in the case of absence of a subscriber in the VoIP network.
Subscriber A calls subscriber B, for whom the

function has

2N Mobility Extension


been permitted with the active “Follow me” function. Subscriber B does not answer the
call in the VoIP network and so the call is rerouted to its mobile telephone.

“SMS at no answer” function

In the case of a missed call in the VoIP network, the


2N Mobility Extension


s sending of an information text announcement. This function is called “SMS at no
answer”. Like with call forwarding, it is possible to use the DTMF option to activate and
deactivate the service of sending text announcements for missed calls.

Figure 2: SMS at No Answer Function

Fig. 2 shows sending of information texts if an incoming call is not answered.