Two Brothers Racing Yamaha R6S - CA Emissions Legal User Manual

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Two Brothers Racing

Juice Box™ - Fuel Controller

2003-05 Yamaha R6/2006-07 Yamaha R6S Installation & Operation Manual

Part # 008-22C, 008-22SC

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Installation Instructions



Part Number


Juice Box™ Fuel Control Kit

008-22C or 008-22SC


Zip Ties


Adhesive Velcro Square


V a r i a b l e a x i s l o c k i n g e x h a u s t


Remove the fuel line clamp (Fig 5). Push together the two

gray buttons on the fuel hose quick disconnect and pull

off (Fig 6). Remove the rear gas tank bolt and remove gas

tank (Fig 7).

Place JUICE BOX™ in the tail section and route the wires

under bodywork and down along the sub frame towards

the intake (Fig 8).

Locate fuel injector connectors (Fig 9). Disconnect the

stock injector connector and plug the JUICE BOX™

connector onto the stock injector then plug the stock

injector connector into the black JUICE BOX™ connector.

Repeat on the remaining 3 injectors. Make sure that the

wire harness is routed in such a way that damage will not

occur to the wires from the gas tank when in the normal


Assembly is the opposite of disassembly.

Start the bike. The green LED should scroll left to right and

back for about 3-5 seconds and then go to 1-2 steady or

slowly flashing green LED’s. If the number 1 green LED

and number 8 red LED’s continue flashing after startup

or idling, an injector wiring error is indicated. Re-check

the wires from the JUICE BOX and make sure they are

connected to the proper wire of your bike’s stock harness.








two brothers racing warrants that this product carries a warranty for 2 years from date of purchase against original

defects in materials and workmanship. should this product fail to perform for either of the above reasons, two brothers

racing will repair or replace it with an equivalent product at no charge, except for postage, to the original retail purchaser.

to obtain the benefits of this warranty, the retail purchaser must return the product and proof of purchase to the place of

original purchase.

We recommend that this performance part be installed by a qualified motorcycle

technician. If you have any doubts as to your ability to install this performance part,

please consult with your local motorcycle dealer. Read all instructions first before

starting installation. Make sure the vehicle and exhaust system are completely cool

before starting the installation. Also, make sure the vehicle is secure during installation.

Be sure to save all stock components for possible use later.

This Juice Box is legal for use on Emissions Controlled street and highway vehicles.

The Juice Box™ is not applicable, nor inteded for use on aircraft.

Thank you for purchasing a genuine Two Brothers Racing

JUICE BOX™. This product represents a radical step

forward in tuning fuel-injected motorcycles and ATVs for

optimal performance using “load-based” technology.

We at Two Brothers Racing hope that you will find this

development as exciting and useful as we do. And

remember: Proper Fuel = Maximum Power!

Make sure the vehicle is completely cool before starting

the installation. Also, make sure the vehicle is secure and

will not roll around.

Remove the two seat bolts and remove front seat (Fig 1).

Remove the two front tank bolts (Fig 2).

Gently lift and prop up gas tank with something suitable

to support the weight of the tank.

Disconnect the white and green connectors (Fig 3) from

the bottom of the tank. Mark and remove vent and

overflow hose from tank (Fig 4).






Tools Needed For Install

- Needle-nose Pliers
- 10mm Socket
- 4mm Allen Wrench
- 5mm Allen Wrench

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