Operation, Use as flat press – FARBERWARE 104557 4-in-1 Grill User Manual

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Use as Flat press

The grill can be used as a flat press for preparing thinner sandwiches, quesadillas,
fish and vegetable dishes
Use the grill plates (recommended)

(13) (ill. e ).

Connect the power plug

(8) to a wall outlet.

Set the

function switch (9) to the griddle position and the blue power light (10) will

come on. Place a drip cup

(14) under the spout of the lower plate (ill. f ).

Set the desired cooking temperature with the temperature switch

(12). It may take

up to 10 minutes to heat to the set temperature.
Wait until the green

ready light (11) comes on.

Note: The ready light (11) will come on and go off while cooking. This is normal to
regulate temperature.
Place food on the lower plate.
Press down the lever on the upper plate until both plates are in good contact with
the food. Do not use force.
Cook for the required time. You can check the cooking progress by lifting the upper


After the cooking process is finished, lift the upper part

(2) to the upright position.

Remove the food.
Set the

function switch (9) to the off position. Remove the power plug (8) from the

wall outlet.
Wait until the grill has cooled down completely before moving or cleaning.