Operation, Changing cooking plates, Setting temperature – FARBERWARE 104557 4-in-1 Grill User Manual

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Changing cooking plates

Adjust the grill to horizontal position.
Press the lock buttons

(4, 7) then lift the cooking plates (6, 13) up and remove them

backwards (ill. c


Note: The cooking plates (6, 13) are marked on the front. Be sure to use the correct
plate in the marked position (upper or lower).
To reinsert the cooking plates

(6, 13), insert them into the clamps then push the

cooking plates

(6, 13) down, until they lock in place.

Setting temperature

To set the temperature, turn the temperature switch

(12) to the required temperature

setting for the food you intend to cook.
The table below contains general information on cooking temperatures. For exact
cooking temperatures check your favorite recipe.



warm (approx. 200°F)

For keeping food warm

low (approx. 250°F)

Low temperature for cooking thin cuts of meat
or vegetables

medium (approx. 300°F to 350°F) Medium temperature for normal grilling (e.g.


high (approx. 400°F)

High temperature for grilling (e.g. Panini)

sear (approx. 425°F)

Very high temperature for grilling (e.g. meat)

The temperature switch

(12) can be adjusted while the grill is in use.

WARNING: Do not touch any metal parts of the grill while in use (ill. d ). Only touch
the plastic handle

(3). Risk of burns!

Do not move the grill while in use. Do not touch the upper part