Cleaning and maintenance, Storage – FARBERWARE 104557 4-in-1 Grill User Manual

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After use, turn the

function switch (9) to the off position. Unplug the power plug (8)

from the wall outlet and let the appliance cool down completely.
Use the cleaning / scraping tool

(16) to remove residue from the cooking plates.

Clean the tool by hand or in the dishwasher.
Dispose of the grease in the drip cups

(14). Clean the drip cups (14) by hand or in

the dishwasher.
Press the lock button

(4, 7) to remove the cooking plates (6, 13) from the


WARNING: Only touch the cooking plates (6, 13), after they have cooled down
completely. Risk of burns!
Clean the cooking plates

(6, 13) by hand or in the dishwasher.

Do not use metal items like knives or forks for removing stubborn residues. Do not
use abrasive pads or cleaners for the cooking plates

(6, 13). The non-stick coating

might be damaged.
After cooking seafood with this appliance, use some lemon juice to avoid taste
transferring to the next food you cook on this appliance.
Clean the housing with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use any abrasive pads or


Store your grill in a dry place.
Disconnect the grill from the wall outlet.
For storing, wrap the power cord

(8) around the cord storage (15) on the bottom

of the appliance.

WARNING: Do not allow the power cord (8) to get between the cooking plates (6, 13)
(ill. i ).
One set of cooking plates can be left attached to the grill for storing.
Store the grill on a stable shelf or in a cupboard, preferably in its original packaging.
To avoid accidents, ensure that both the grill and its power cord

(8) are beyond

reach of children or pets.