Decorative patterns, Ideas on design stitching – SINGER 2009 ATHENA User Manual

Page 52

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* Always practice on a scrap of the actual fabric from your


* Before starting to sew, check that there is enough thread

wound onto the bobbin to make sure that the thread will not
run out during sewing.

* Slightly loosen top thread tension.

SETTINGS :Presser foot - Satin Stitch Foot

:Thread tension control - AUTO


Crescent pattern on collar

This is an ideal decorative stitch for the sleeves and collars of
ladies’ and children’s clothes, and also for table linen edges.

When using this stitch pattern for table linen edges, first sew
the stitch and then trim the edge of the fabric along the edge
of the stitch. Be careful not to cut the stitch at this time.

Pyramid on bias tape

Use bias tape and fold back the edge. Sew the pyramid
pattern on top of this.

Arrowhead on lapel

In addition to using this pattern as a decorative stitch, it can
also be used as a triangular backtack stitch for reinforcing
places which can easily unravel. This is particularly useful for
sewing both edges of pockets.

Helpful Hint: For a more pleasing appearance
experiment with a slightly lower (-) Tension setting.