SINGER 6550-WORKBOOK Scholastic User Manual

Page 12

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Press the seam open. Finish raw edges if necessary.

Apply glue stick lightly on the right side of the zipper.

Place the zipper face down, so that the zipper’s coils or teeth are

directly over the machine-basted seam. Pin in place, if necessary.

Spread fabric flat, right side up and place 1/2” wide transparent or

perforated marking tape on top of the centered seam line. The tape
should be the length of the zipper (7” long for this exercise).

Replace the Standard Presser Foot with the Zipper Foot. Adjust the

foot to the left of the needle.

On the right side of the fabric, stitch around the zipper. Pivot the fabric

on the needle at the corners, using the edge of the tape as a guide.

Turn fabric to right side and remove the tape and the basting. Press.

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