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Ribbing Application

The Overedge Stretch Stitch makes sewing seams on knits look as though
they were finished on a serger. This stitch is stronger and more durable
than overlock/serger stitching. The stitch incorporates a straight stitch and
a finishing stitch into one operation. This allows for
professional finish on projects, and is especially
popular on sweatshirts.

Machine Set-Up:



Stitch Width:

5 or 7

Stitch Length:

Stretch setting

Presser Foot:

Overedge Foot* or Standard Foot

6” x 6” Medium to heavy weight knit fabric or polar fleece
3” x 6” Ribbing


Cut a curve in the knit fabric to resemble a neckline.

Fold ribbing in half lengthwise.

Starting at the left side of the knit curve, place ribbing on front side of


Match all 3 cut edges and place under the foot.

Line up fabric edges with guide on foot and stitch the length of the


Stretch ribbing slightly to fit the cut edge of the knit.

When finished, lift foot and pull threads and fabric straight back behind

foot and trim.


Depending on model, the Overedge Foot might be optional. Check instruction manual.

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