Making piping – SINGER 6550-WORKBOOK Scholastic User Manual

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Making Piping

Piping adds a beautiful finish to projects such as pillows, sleeve edges,
collars and more. The design of the Zipper Foot allows for the needle to
stitch very closely to the edge of the foot. This is important when inserting
zippers, applying piping or when topstitching close to the fabric’s edge.
Only the Straight Stitch can be used when sewing with the Zipper Foot.

Machine Set-Up:



Stitch Width:

0, no width

Stitch Length: 3-4
Presser Foot:

Zipper Foot

5” x 6” home décor fabric
7” piping cord


Fold fabric wrong sides together.

Place piping inside of the fold.

On the right side of the fabric, sew a straight stitch close to the piping.

Note: The Zipper Foot can be attached right or left, allowing for
the piping to be inserted from either side.

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