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Satin Stitch Appliqué

A close Zigzag Stitch is called a Satin Stitch. Satin Stitching is a great
way to finish an appliqué on children’s garments and home decorating
projects. Try a rayon thread for a smoother looking finish.

Machine Set-Up:



Stitch Width:


Stitch Length:


Presser Foot:

Satin Foot *

or Standard Foot

2” x 3” cotton fabric for simple-shaped applique
2” x 3” fusible stabilizer
6” x 6” cotton foundation fabric
6” x 6” tear-away stabilizer


Press the fusible stabilizer onto the simple-shaped applique.

Fuse the simple-shaped appliqué onto the cotton foundation fabric.

(Fusing the appliqué into place will keep the appliqué from shifting
while stitching.)

Place a tear-away stabilizer underneath the fabric. (This is used to

ensure quality stitching when using dense stitches.)

Place the applique under the foot, so that half of the stitch

will form on the applique and half on the base fabric.

Sew around the applique.

Widen the stitch width to 4 and change the stitch length to below 1.

*Depending on model, the Satin Foot might be optional. Check the instruction manual.

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