SINGER 6550-WORKBOOK Scholastic User Manual

Page 19

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Lower the presser foot to hold the button in place.

Turn the hand wheel forward, adjust so that the needle goes into the

right or left hole.

Adjust the stitch width dial to fine tune the swing of the needle into the

opposite hole.

Recheck the swing of the needle into the other hole, and then use the

foot control to sew 5-6 stitches.

Before removing the button and fabric from the machine, turn to

straight stitch. Leave width at current setting and stitch in place for
three stitches. This forms a tie-off on the back side to secure the

Apply a liquid fray-preventer on the backside of fabric on the knots.

Trim threads after they dry, being careful not to cut thread knots.

Note: Remember to raise the feed dogs (or remove the feed dog

cover) when finished.

Curtain with Button Tabs

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