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If the Following Appear...

If the unit detects a problem, one of the following messages will be

displayed on the handset or the base unit.

Handset display

No link to base.

Place on cradle

and try again.

The battery needs to be charged. Insert the

handset in the cradle to charge the battery


The handset has tost communication with the

base unit. Insert the handset in the cradle and

try again.

Please lift up

and try again

®. ®- @ or ® was pressed while the

handset was on the base unit. Lift the handset

and press the button again.

When trying to store an item or Caller List

information in the directory, the directory
memory is full (p. 38, 42). To erase other stored
items from the directory, see page 49.

While the base unit was not in the standby

mode, ® or ® was pressed to search the
Caller List/directory list, ® was pressed to

select an option, or




was pressed.

While storing items in the directory, the handset

has lost communication with the base unit.
Move closer to the base unit and try again.