Requirement for free hard drive space, Registry access, Restarting the server – Kofax Document Exchange Server 2.5 User Manual

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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide


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Requirement for Free Hard Drive Space

Make sure that there is sufficient space on the hard drive for the database. A minimum of 25 GB is

recommended as an initial amount of free hard drive space for the database. Additional space will

be needed as the database grows. You can manage the database size by periodically purging old

records. Kofax Documentation Exchange Server can also block database requests if the free drive

space reaches a specified threshold. For information about freeing hard drive space, refer to the

Kofax Document Exchange Server Administrator’s Guide.

Registry Access

Kofax Document Exchange Server needs to modify the Registry during installation. If you are

using software that restricts changes to the Registry, turn it off while installing Kofax Document

Exchange Server.

Restarting the Server

Do not restart the server manually while the installation program is running. Restarting the server

will cause the installation to fail.

Invalid Drive Path

If you change the default path during installation, you must select an install path that includes a

valid local drive letter. The following error appears if you select a drive letter that does not exist.

You do not have write permissions to the chosen installation destination.

Using Kofax Document Exchange Server on a Virtual Machine (VM)

Kofax Document Exchange Server may not run properly on a VMware Virtual Machine when the

host computer has multiple processors, multiple cores, or hyperthreading enabled. The following

problems may occur:


When users attempt to download a PDF file, the following error appears.

KDE 16017 - Cannot download the document. Verify that document is not

locked by another process. If the document cannot be downloaded, have the

system administrator verify that the VRS component has been installed with

the Kofax Document Exchange Server.


If PDF is selected as the format for a destination file, scanned documents will not be sent to

that destination. This setting also affects documents scanned from Kofax Document Scan

Server. These documents may appear in Kofax Document Exchange without pages and

preview images.

Workaround: Configure the VM as a dual virtual processor computer. If the problem continues,

set the BIOS of the host computer to turn off hyperthreading.

Security Settings for Browsers

If a browser is set to the highest security setting, Kofax Administration Console and Kofax

Document Exchange may not work correctly. These applications depend on JavaScript, and they

must be able to communicate with the server. Therefore, make Kofax Administration Console,

Kofax Document Exchange, and their Help systems trusted sites and enable JavaScript and