Viewing the installation log files, Managing mfps after an upgrade – Kofax Document Exchange Server 2.5 User Manual

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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide


Kofax, Inc.

Viewing the Installation Log Files

If you need to resolve a problem with the installation, you can view the installation log files for

detailed information. The location of the log files depends on the result of the installation or

upgrade. Refer to Table 1.


The installation log files include passwords in plain text. After you are finished with

the files, delete them or save them in a secure location.

Reinstalling Custom Workflows and Destinations after an Upgrade

If you have custom workflows and destinations, do the following:


Redeploy custom workflows with Kofax Administration Console. Refer to the Kofax

Administration Console Help for more information.


Reinstall custom destinations. Refer to the instructions provided with your custom


Managing MFPs after an Upgrade

If you have MFPs connected to the upgraded Kofax Document Exchange Server, do the following:


Upgrade the client software for the MFP, if necessary. Refer to the Kofax Document Exchange

Server Release Notes and the support pages of the Kofax Web site to determine if there is

new MFP client software that needs to be installed.


Redeploy your profiles from Kofax Administration Console.

Configuring Kofax Document Exchange Server Destination Types

Two destination types are preinstalled with Kofax Document Exchange Server:


Network Location to send documents to a network folder


Kofax Queue to send documents to a queue


For information about configuring network folders to use as destinations and setting up

queues, refer to the Kofax Document Exchange Server Administrator’s Guide.

To configure Kofax Document Exchange Server for additional destination types, you need to

deploy one or more connector files and modify a properties file with configuration options. Refer

Table 1. Log File Location

Installation or Upgrade Result

Log File Location

Installation or upgrade finished

Install Logs folder where Kofax Document Exchange Server is

Installation or upgrade failed or

C:\Kofax Install Logs\Document Exchange Server

Uninstallation completed

C:\Kofax Install Logs\Document Exchange Server