Kofax fax connector installation guide, Installation overview, Basic installation steps – Kofax Document Exchange Server 2.5 User Manual

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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide


Kofax, Inc.

Destination Configuration Guides

These guides show how to enable Kofax Document Exchange Server to send documents to

destinations, such as content management and email systems. The destination configuration

guides are in the \setup\Guides folder on the Kofax Document Exchange Server installation

media. They are also installed with the software in the \Documentation\Guides folder.

Installation Guide for WebLogic

Use this guide if you are installing Kofax Document Exchange Server on a WebLogic application


Kofax Fax Connector Installation Guide

The Kofax Fax Connector Installation Guide provides installation and configuration instructions for

the Kofax Fax Connector. The guide is installed with Kofax Document Exchange in the

\OtherResources\FaxConnector folder.

Help for Kofax Document Exchange Server Applications

Kofax Document Exchange and Kofax Administration Console have Help that describes how to

use the application. Each Help system has a table of contents, index, and full-text search to assist

you in finding information. To view the Help from the application, click the Help button. The

Help appears in a separate browser window. You can also view the Help when you are at the

server by selecting Start | Programs | Kofax | Documentation and then the Help system.

Release Notes

Late-breaking product information is available from the release notes. Read the release notes

carefully, because they contain information that may not be included in other Kofax Document

Exchange Server documentation. The release notes are available for viewing or downloading from

the Kofax Web site.

Installation Overview

Kofax Document Exchange Server uses a provided application server, and is installed in a

standalone configuration with an embedded database.

Before beginning the installation, refer to

System Requirements

for installation guidelines and

system requirements. Make sure that your server and client computers have been configured

correctly and are communicating through the network. If you have any difficulties installing

Kofax Document Exchange Server, refer to the support pages of the Kofax Web site for


Basic Installation Steps

Follow these general steps to install Kofax Document Exchange Server:


Make sure that the hardware and software meet system requirements.


Remove PostgreSQL, Open LDAP, and Bonjour that are not part of a previous Kofax

Document Exchange Server installation.


Run the installer. If you have an existing installation of Kofax Document Exchange Server,

you are prompted to upgrade it.