Precautions and preliminary tasks before upgrading, Upgrade notes for user accounts, Internet connection requirement – Kofax Document Exchange Server 2.5 User Manual

Page 12: Services running before upgrading

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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide


Kofax, Inc.

Kofax Document Exchange Server supports the AMD64 instruction set and architecture on the

Windows operating system. Intel Itanium processors are not supported.

The C:\Program Files (x86) folder is still required for some components of Kofax Document

Exchange Server. To support these components, the installer does the following:


Bonjour is installed in both C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86). A Bonjour

subfolder is created in each folder.


VRS and PostgreSQL are installed in C:\Program Files (x86). The PostgreSQL database is

installed on the C drive even if Kofax Document Exchange Server is installed on another

local drive. There must be sufficient space on the C drive to accommodate the database.

Refer to

Requirement for Free Hard Drive Space

for more information.


All other files are installed in the installation path you specified.

Precautions and Preliminary Tasks Before Upgrading

Upgrade Notes for User Accounts

During the upgrade, user accounts that are stored in the OpenLDAP database are moved to the

Kofax Document Exchange Server database. Then, the OpenLDAP database and services are shut

down and deleted.

User roles that you defined before the upgrade are retained, along with the users who were

assigned to that role.
If you have users from a directory service (such as Active Directory), note the following when

upgrading Kofax Document Exchange Server:


You must log on as a domain user with administrator rights to the local computer to

upgrade Kofax Document Exchange Server.


Users and groups that were assigned to any user role in Kofax Administration Console are

retained during the upgrade.


Group shortcuts are updated to reflect changes to user groups.


The Active Directory on the domain you logged on to is automatically linked to Kofax

Document Exchange Server. All other connections to directory services are deleted and

need to be reconnected after the upgrade. Refer to the Kofax Document Exchange Server

Administrator’s Guide for instructions.

Internet Connection Requirement

Make sure that the computer where you are upgrading Kofax Document Exchange Server is

connected to the Internet. One of the configuration files requires a remote schema for validation.

Role-Based Permissions for Kofax Document Exchange Activities

Users may no longer have permission to do certain activities in Kofax Document Exchange, such

as scanning with WebScan. To allow access to the appropriate activities, edit user roles in Kofax

Administration Console and associate the appropriate permissions. For details, see the Kofax

Administration Console Help.

Services Running before Upgrading

Make sure that OpenLDAP-slapd and PostgreSQL Database Server, which are used by Kofax

Document Exchange Server, are running before you perform the upgrade. If one of those services