Kofax Document Exchange Server 2.5 User Manual

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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide

Kofax, Inc.



If you have VRS installed on your computer that is not part of a previous Kofax Document

Exchange Server installation, you have the option to upgrade it and clean up any leftover

files. Click OK to do this.


Review the Kofax Document Exchange Server license agreement and select “I accept the

terms of the License Agreement” to continue with the installation. Click Next to continue.


Type the user name and password for the initial Kofax Document Exchange Server

administrator. Use this user account to log on to Kofax Administration Console for the

first time. The user name and password must meet the following rules:


User names must be unique on the server.


User names are case-insensitive, cannot include spaces, and the following characters

are not permitted: ~ # % * \ ; / : & ? . ' , " ` $ < + >


Passwords are case-sensitive and can include spaces, but not at the beginning or end.

There can be no repeating spaces.


The password for the initial administrator cannot include the following characters that

are prohibited by the database: & $ < ' > \ * / "

You can create additional administrators by assigning the Administrator role to other

users in Kofax Administration Console.
Click Next to continue.


Create the administrator for the embedded database by entering a user name and

password. You will use this account to access the database directly. Only alphanumeric

characters (0–9, A–Z, a–z) are permitted, and both the user name and password are case-

sensitive. Click Next to continue.


Type a password for the user account that Windows uses to start the database service.

Make sure that the password meets your Network Administrator’s password policy and

has a maximum of 14 characters. Click Next to continue.


Type the path to the folder where Kofax Document Exchange Server will be installed. Use

the default folder or change it by clicking Choose and selecting the path from the window

that appears. The install path must be on a local drive and have a maximum of 65

characters. If you want to switch back to the default folder, click Restore Default Folder.

When you have selected the folder, click Next.


You cannot specify a UNC path or install Kofax Document Exchange Server on a

network drive.


Review the pre-installation summary (Figure 3). To start the installation, click Install.