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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide

Kofax, Inc.



Start Kofax Document Exchange Server.


Run Kofax Administration Console to install the license, add and link to users, and

configure Kofax Document Exchange Server.


Configure any destinations you want to add.


Install software to display Kofax Document Exchange Server buttons on the front panel of

an MFP.


If you need to change the configuration of Kofax Document Exchange Server, refer to the

Kofax Document Exchange Server Administrator’s Guide.

Software Installed with Kofax Document Exchange Server

The following software is installed with Kofax Document Exchange Server:


Provided application server.


Embedded database.


Java Runtime Environment (JRE): A version of the JRE is installed in the Kofax Document

Exchange Server folders. This JRE is used by Kofax Document Exchange Server and does

not replace any versions of the JRE installed on your computer.


Bonjour: Software that discovers devices on a network.


VirtualReScan (VRS): Kofax product for improving image quality.

System Requirements

The server and client workstations used for Kofax Document Exchange Server must meet the

system requirements described in this section. These requirements will be updated on the Kofax

Web site as new configurations are supported. Refer to the Web site for the latest information.

Server Requirements

Kofax Document Exchange Server must be installed on a dedicated server that meets the

requirements in this section.

Operating System

Kofax Document Exchange Server requires either of the following versions of Microsoft Windows



Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition with Service Pack 2


Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x86 Edition with Service Pack 2


Windows Server 2003 Standard x64 Edition with Service Pack 2


Windows Server 2003 Standard x86 Edition with Service Pack 2

Minimum Hardware Requirements

The server must meet the following minimum hardware requirements. Production servers should

exceed these requirements.


2 GHz Pentium 4 or compatible microprocessor




100/1000 Mbps network card (10 Mbps not supported)