Upgrading the client software for other mfps, Upgrade notes for shortcuts, Upgrade notes for destinations – Kofax Document Exchange Server 2.5 User Manual

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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide

Kofax, Inc.


Kofax Document Exchange Server Administrator’s Guide for Fujitsu Network Scanners for instructions

on removing and installing the Kofax Document Exchange Server application.

Upgrading the Client Software for Other MFPs

Upgrading the MFP client software is optional for the other MFPs. For these devices, Kofax

Document Exchange Server 2.5 is backward-compatible with earlier versions of MFP client

software. If there are new features of the MFP client software that you want to use, uninstall the

current version of the client software, install or deploy the new client software, and redeploy your

profiles from Kofax Administration Console.

Refer to the Kofax Document Exchange Server administrator’s guide for your MFP for instructions

on installing client software.

Upgrade Notes for Shortcuts

Some global and personal shortcuts may need to be deleted and recreated after upgrading.
Global shortcuts created for Ascent Capture are upgraded for Kofax Capture. After the upgrade,

you need to redeploy the profiles for the global shortcuts in order for the shortcuts to work from

the MFPs.

Upgrade Notes for Destinations

Notes for Kofax Capture

Any user account in Kofax Capture, that has a corresponding external user account in Kofax

Document Exchange Server, needs to be linked in Kofax Capture for your Active Directory or

directory service. Without the appropriately linked user account in Kofax Capture, the

corresponding external user in Kofax Document Exchange Server will be unable to release

documents to Kofax Capture.

Installing Kofax Document Exchange Server

Run the installer to install Kofax Document Exchange Server and all necessary components on

your standalone server. You must log on to the computer as a user with Administrator rights to

install Kofax Document Exchange Server. After you start the installer, it detects if there is a

previous version of Kofax Document Exchange Server that can be upgraded.


If there is not a previous version, the installer continues with a new installation, and you

are prompted to specify the installation location and other settings.


If there is a previous version, you are prompted to upgrade it. If there is a previous version

that cannot be upgraded, you are prompted to exit the installer and uninstall the previous

version manually before continuing with the installation.

Starting the Installer

Start the installation or upgrade by running the installer from the Kofax Document Exchange

Server installation media.


Do not run the installer from a UNC path.