Post-installation and upgrade notes, Shared folders created by the installer – Kofax Document Exchange Server 2.5 User Manual

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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide

Kofax, Inc.


on a local drive and have a maximum of 65 characters. If you want to switch back to the

default folder, click Restore Default Folder. When you have selected the folder, click Next.

Figure 4. Choosing the Backup Folder


Review the installation settings. To start the upgrade, click Install. The installer begins the

upgrade and indicates the status. When it is finished, it indicates whether the upgrade

was successful.


Do not close the installer window until the upgrade is complete. Interrupting

the installation can leave the installation in an unrecoverable state.


If the upgrade is successful, you have the option of deleting the files that were backed up

during the upgrade. Select the option if you want to delete the backup files.

Post-Installation and Upgrade Notes

When the installation or upgrade is complete, note the following regarding additional tasks and

folders and logs to check.

Shared Folders Created by the Installer

The installer automatically sets permissions to the shared folders. Administrators group members

share the \DES\DES folder, which is located in the Kofax Document Exchange Server folder you

specified and is used for storing user inboxes. You can change this folder: see the Kofax Document

Exchange Server Administrator’s Guide for instructions.

Do not share any other folders in the folder where Kofax Document Exchange Server is installed.

Users other than administrators do not need to have rights to the folders in order to use Kofax

Document Exchange Server.