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Kofax Document Exchange Server Installation Guide


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Figure 3. Pre-Installation Summary

Note the following while the installer is running:


Do not close the installer window until the installation is complete. Interrupting the

installation can leave the installation in an unrecoverable state.


If you are installing on the 64-bit version of Windows, the installation of Bonjour is not

a silent installation. You will be prompted to complete the Bonjour installation screens.


A screen indicates when the installation is finished. Click Finish to close the installer.

Upgrading an Existing Installation

If you already have Kofax Document Exchange Server, you are prompted to upgrade it. The

upgrade preserves your existing settings and data, and you are not prompted to specify a new

administrator, database service password, and installation path.

During the upgrade, Kofax Document Exchange Server is shut down. We recommend that you

schedule the upgrade when Kofax Document Exchange Server is not used and inform users not to

use it during the upgrade.

Follow the steps in this section after you have started the installer as shown in

Starting the



X To continue with an upgrade


The installer indicates that an existing version of Kofax Document Exchange Server is on

the computer, and it can be upgraded. Click Next to continue.


The introduction screen appears. Click Next.


If you have VRS installed on your computer that is not part of a previous Kofax Document

Exchange Server installation, you have the option to upgrade it and clean up any leftover

files. Click OK to do this.


Review the Kofax Document Exchange Server license agreement and select “I accept the

terms of the License Agreement” to continue with the installation. Click Next to continue.


Select the folder that the installer uses for its backup. Use the default folder or change it by

clicking Choose and selecting the path from the window that appears. The path must be