Kofax INDICIUS 6.0 User Manual

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Chapter 2


Installation Guide

Load Balancing

INDICIUS modules can be used within Kofax Capture installations using Load

Scanner Management

This feature does not affect INDICIUS functionality.

Multiple Workflow Agents

Multiple workflow agents can be used within the same batch class as INDICIUS
modules. Any batches routed by these agents will be processed in the normal way by
the INDICIUS modules.

.NET Scripting

Kofax Capture modules using scripts written in the .NET scripting language can be
included in the same queue as INDICIUS modules. INDICIUS modules themselves
cannot be configured using the .NET scripting language.

Automatic Batch Naming

This feature does not affect the batch processing capabilities of the INDICIUS

Rubber Band OCR

This feature is not currently present within the INDICIUS modules.

The Kofax Capture Validation module can still use this feature within the same batch
class as INDICIUS modules.

User/Group Routing

When User Profiles are enabled, INDICIUS modules will be presented only with
batches which have been routed to these logged users.

Panel Lock/Reset

The layout of the INDICIUS Document Review module cannot be modified.

The layout of the INDICIUS Correction module can be modified through the use of
script commands.

The layouts of the INDICIUS Completion and Verification modules can be modified
within the INDICIUS Template Editor tool.