Related documentation, User's guide (.pdf), Getting started guides – Kofax INDICIUS 6.0 User Manual

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Installation Guide

Related Documentation

The following documentation is included with INDICIUS.

Each PDF guide can be opened by clicking Start on the taskbar to display the menu
and selecting All Programs | INDICIUS | Documentation.

The INDICIUS Help can be opened from the same menu, but can also be opened from
the Help menu within the tools. Pressing F1 within Definer and Script Editor will
open the topic for the feature being used.

User's Guide (.pdf)

The User's Guide (.pdf) is written for keyboard operators (keyers) who will be using
the attended modules on a production computer, and for those using all of the
modules on a development computer.

The guide explains:


What each INDICIUS module is used for


How to operate each module

Getting Started Guides

These guides are written for people who need an introduction to INDICIUS. The
guides are useful as a starting point for those who will be configuring or
administering INDICIUS, or those using the keying modules. The guides are self
contained, however each focuses on configuring a different document processing

Getting Started (Fixed-Form) (.pdf)

The Getting Started Guide (Fixed-Form) (.pdf) focuses on configuring a solution to
extract data from fixed-form (structured) documents.

The guide explains:


How to extract data from single page documents of a known document type,
using the installed Order Forms example


How the tools, concepts and configuration files relate to the setup in Kofax