Windows services, Installing a single windows service – Kofax INDICIUS 6.0 User Manual

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Chapter 4


Installation Guide

Windows Services

This section provides information required to install, maintain and configure
Recognition and Scripted Export as Windows services.

Installing a Single Windows Service

The INDICIUS installation includes all required files but does not automatically
install any modules as services. Installing Recognition or Scripted Export as a service
requires a manual installation step. You install the Windows service manually at the
command prompt using several command line parameters. A message box will be
displayed indicating the success or failure of the operation. Once installed, the
service is visible in the Services window accessed from the Administrative Tools
section of Windows Control Panel (Start – Settings – Control Panel).

Table 3-4. Application File Names


Application File Name

Recognition ka_iform.exe

Scripted Export



In order to set up a service to use configuration files on a networked

drive the service must be installed to a user account with access to network
resources. The path to all configuration files must be specified using a UNC path.

Command Line Parameters

The following table contains a list of all the command line parameters that can be
used to configure the service during installation. Examples of using these parameters
are included in later sections.

Table 3-5. Windows Service Installation Command Line Parameters

Parameter Required




Install the module as a Windows service.



Uninstall the module’s Windows service.