Kofax INDICIUS 6.0 User Manual

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Chapter 2


Installation Guide


INDICIUS supports the presence of eDocument files within a batch. Currently Adobe
PDFs, text files and email bodies can be viewed and processed. Any documents of an
unsupported file format will be processed with the batch. However, Recognition will
not extract any content and the documents will not be viewable in the keying
modules. Index data stored on the documents will be maintained. Any multi-page
PDF documents must be converted to multiple single-page files prior to the first
INDICIUS module.

Kofax Capture Import Connector – Email

Kofax Capture Import Connector – Email (previously known as Ascent Capture
Email Import) can be used with the INDICIUS modules. However the INDICIUS
Email Batch Converter (available on the installation CD) must be used to convert the
batch created by Kofax Capture Import Connector – Email to a format supported by


INDICIUS uses .NET Framework 2.0. In Ascent Capture 7.5 SP2 and

earlier, the Kofax Capture Import Connector – Email plug-in for Administration in
Kofax Capture is not compatible with .NET 2.0 (SPR00026399). To resolve this
incompatibility, create an admin.exe.config file to bind Administration to the correct
.NET version. See the knowledge base article


for further



The INDICIUS Recognition module can utilize registration and classification
information determined by Xtrata.

For more information about using Xtrata with INDICIUS, see the INDICIUS Help
(“ImportCoords” and “DocumentType” topics in the Parameter Help section).

SQL Server support

INDICIUS supports the use of the SQL Server database in high availability solutions.

INDICIUS does not support the storage of batches in a SQL Server database. This
option is not required in a high availability environment and must not be used. See

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below for further information.