Support for high availability features, Automatic batch recovery/rollback, Backup license servers – Kofax INDICIUS 6.0 User Manual

Page 25: Database and file system retries, User tracking statistics, Indicius modules

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System Requirements

Installation Guide


Instant Batch Notification

INDICIUS modules do not support the Instant Batch Notification feature. However,
this feature can be emulated by setting a module to “Wait for Any Task”.

Partial Batch Release

The Document Review module does not support the use of the Partial Batch Release

User Tracking Statistics

INDICIUS modules are not supported for use with Kofax Capture user tracking
statistics. The INDICIUS modules generate their own statistics which are viewed in
the Stats Reporter tool.

Support for High Availability Features

INDICIUS is certified as a high availability solution. INDICIUS supports the high
availability features which were introduced in Ascent Capture 7.0; further details are
described below:

Automatic Batch Recovery/Rollback

INDICIUS only supports batch rollback, not batch recovery. This means that the
batch is restored to the state it was in at the start of the session; data read or keyed in
the failed session is not recovered.

Backup License Servers


Recognition/Scripted Export will seamlessly switch to using volume licenses
on the backup license server during a failover


Correction, Completion and Document Review will correctly reacquire
station licenses from the backup license server after a failover

Database and File System Retries

In the event of a cluster failover event, all batch processing will but be put on hold
but will automatically continue when the high availability file system is restored. If
the retry period expires before the file system becomes available, the module will
attempt to send the batch to the Quality Control error queue. If the module is unable
to place the batch into an error state, it will remain In Progress until Kofax Capture
automatically rolls it back to its previous state (this may take up to twenty minutes).