Enhanced sql server support, File/folder access requirements – Kofax INDICIUS 6.0 User Manual

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Chapter 2


Installation Guide

Enhanced SQL Server Support

INDICIUS supports the use of the SQL Server database. Storing batches in the SQL
Server database is not required for high availability and is not supported.

Operating INDICIUS in High Availability Environments

Systems Operator


Watch for any serious slowdown in application performance, or “hanging” of
the application, which may indicate a server failure. If you experience this,
contact your systems administrator. Do not attempt to close the batch. When
the system recovers, the module will become active again and you will be
able to continue processing the batch.


If you experience any error messages while processing batches, immediately
contact your systems administrator. If possible, try to record information
about the batch you were processing, which document the error occurred on,
what action you were performing at the time of the error and, if possible, the
full text of the error messages seen.

Systems Administrator


Monitor Kofax Capture Batch Manager periodically to check for batches sent
to Error/Quality Control. These will need to be restarted and may indicate a
module failure.


Use the SNMP monitoring feature in Kofax Capture to monitor the status of
the Recognition and Scripted Export services (see

SNMP Monitoring


File/Folder Access Requirements

INDICIUS modules require access to configuration files when processing batches. In
order to use INDICIUS in a distributed environment it is recommended that these
files are located on a central resource. All computers must have access to this location
and it is recommended that this location is specified using UNC paths.