Unsupported features – Kofax INDICIUS 6.0 User Manual

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System Requirements

Installation Guide


Kofax Capture Network Server

INDICIUS may be used in a Kofax Capture Network Server environment, and
INDICIUS modules may be installed and used on both central and remote sites. A
copy of the configuration files assigned to the batch class must be present on all sites
and the path to these files must be the same as that specified in Kofax Capture
Administration (on the central site).

VRS QC Later

INDICIUS modules can be used within a batch class utilizing VRS QC Later.

High Availability Installations

INDICIUS is certified as a high availability solution and supports the high
availability features of Kofax Capture. In order to use INDICIUS in this environment,
the “Store batches in SQL Server” option must be disabled. For more information
refer to

User Tracking Statistics

INDICIUS modules

are not supported for use with Kofax Capture user tracking

statistics. The INDICIUS modules generate their own statistics which are viewed in
the Stats Reporter tool.

Support for High Availability Features.

Unsupported Features

Disaster Recovery

Central site configurations using INDICIUS modules cannot be used in conjunction
with automatic fail-over of the central site to alternate central sites. Remote site
configurations using INDICIUS modules can still be used in conjunction with this


INDICIUS modules must currently be configured manually via the appropriate
INDICIUS setup dialogs in Kofax Capture Administration module. Therefore
automatic staging and setup of INDICIUS modules is not currently supported.


Batch classes which use INDICIUS modules can be copied and used without further
modification to an INDICIUS configuration, provided the configuration does not
reference the Batch Class, Document Class or Form Type.