How to use this guide, Introduction – Kofax INDICIUS 6.0 User Manual

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Installation Guide


How to Use This Guide


This guide contains information about installing INDICIUS. It details the system and
licensing requirements, and provides tutorial information for both installing the
software and specifying settings that affect the way the modules run.

This guide assumes that you have a thorough understanding of Windows standards,
applications, and interfaces. It also assumes that you are familiar with Kofax Capture
and have a general understanding of INDICIUS (for example, having read one of the
Getting Started Guides

This guide is written for those installing INDICIUS, either on a development
computer (where a solution is configured or tested) or on a production computer.
This guide does not cover the steps after installation: configuration of INDICIUS for a
specific solution (or set of documents) or the administration of a solution. For
information on these refer to the INDICIUS Help.

If you are installing INDICIUS for the first time, you should first read the


chapter to gain an overall understanding of INDICIUS and the installation process.

Next read the

System Requirements



chapters to ensure your system

meets the required specification and familiarize yourself with the features provided
by your license.

Finally, follow the instructions in the


chapter to install the required

features and set up the applications. If you need to modify your current installation,
you should search the guide or use the contents table to find the information you
require and jump directly to that section.