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To test for doneness, insert a meat thermometer in a
thick or dense area away from fat or bone. NEVER

leave the thermometer in the food during cooking,
unless it is approved for microwave oven use.

• Accessible parts (e.g. oven door, oven cavity, dishes

and accessories) may become hot during use. Use

dry pot holders or oven mitts when removing
container, food and oven accessories from the oven

and be careful nottotouch the oven cavity to prevent

• Use care when opening door. Avoid steam burns by

directing steam away from the face and hands.
Always stand back from the oven when opening it.

• Slowly lift the farthest edge of adish's covering and

carefully open popcorn and oven cooking bags

away from the face.

Stay near the oven while it's in use and check

cooking progress frequently so that there is no
chance of overcooking food.

NEVER use the cavity for storing cookbooks or

other items.

• Select, store and handle food carefully to preserve

its high quality and minimizethespread offoodborne


Use care when removing items from the oven so

that the utensil, your clothes or accessories do not
touch the door projection.

Do not touch around the oven light. This part will

become hot when the oven light is on.

To avoid burns, always be careful of splashing

grease from the baking tray when removing roasted
or broiled meats from the oven.

To avoid burns, always test food and container

temperature and stir before serving. Pay special

attention to the temperature of containers, foods
and drinks. Do not drink beverage or soup without

checking the container's temperature.

Do not touch the oven door, outer cabinet, rear






accessories, dishes and the escaping steam from

the air vent openings during operation because they

will become hot.

Do not operate the oven if reservoir cracks and

water leaks. Call 1-800-BE-SHARP to purchase a

replacement part.

After use, condensed water may be inside oven
cavity, especially on the oven floor. Dry any liquid

residue with a sponge and wipe out to keep the oven


Do not place anything on the outer cabinet during


Do not move the oven during the operation. If the

oven needs to be moved, always drain all water

inside the oven using the DRAIN WATER function
(See page 15). After draining, empty the drip tray.

To prevent condensation, which could corrode the

appliance, do not leave cooked food in the oven for
an extended period.

Clean the oven at regular intervals and remove any

food deposits in the oven or on the door.

Do not heat oil or fat for deep frying.

ALWAYS use potholders to prevent burns when

handling utensils that are in contact with hot food.

Enough heat from the food can transfer through

utensils to cause skin burns. In SuperSteam

Convection, Steam and Convection modes, cabinet,

interior and door may be too hot to touch.

Keep aluminumfoil used for shielding at least 1 inch
(2.54 cm) away from walls, ceiling and door for
microwave cooking.

Do not pourcold water on the ceramic oven floor after

cooking as it might break.

Do not pourcold water on the door as it might break.

Do not touch hot surfaces.

The use of accessory attachments not recommended

by the appliance manufacturer may cause injuries.

The oven should not be left unattended during
operation. Oven temperatures that are too high or
cooking times that are too long may overheat foods

resulting in a fire.

Do not insert fingers or objects inthe steam outlets or

air vent openings, as this may damage the oven and

cause an electric shock or a hazard.

If any objects drop inside the air vent openings, turn

offthe oven immediately, unplug and consult a Sharp
Authorized Servicer.

Do not touch the plug with wet hands when inserting

or removing from the outlet. Plug securely into the

electric wall receptacle and remove by gripping on

the plug end. Never pull using just the cord.