Before cooking, After cooking, Oven door opening – Sharp AX-1200 User Manual

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Before cooking

1. Make sure the reservoir is filled with fresh cold tap water and is installed. (See page 13.)

2. Make sure the empty drip tray is installed. (See page 13.)
3. Place food in the oven unless preheating is needed. (Refer to each chart to check if preheating is required in

automatic operations.)

After Cooking

1. After the oven has cooled, remove and empty the reservoir, wipe oven cavity. Wait a few minutes, then empty the

drip tray.

2. Perform the Drain Water function at least once a day after using SuperSteam Convection or Steam mode.
3. Check that water is not dripping down before removing the drip tray, as a small amount of water drains into the drip

tray when the reservoir is removed.

Oven Door Opening

You can stop the door with the upper part of the oven open to exhaust
steam, to cool or dry the oven cavity temporarily after cooking.

(See Figure 1)

WARNING: Do not open the oven with your face close to the oven. Steam

from the oven may cause burns.

NOTE: Avoid opening and closing the door during cooking as the oven

cavity temperature drops suddenly, which may affect the result.