About super steam convection and steam cooking, Always attend the oven when in use, For steam cooking – Sharp AX-1200 User Manual

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DISH CHECK. If you wish to check if a dish is safe for microwaving, placetheemptydish in the oven and microwave

on 100% power for 30 seconds. If the dish becomes very hot, do NOT use it for microwaving.

ACCESSORIES There are many microwave or heat-resistant accessories available for purchase. Evaluate
carefully before you purchase so that they meet your needs. A microwave-safe thermometer will assist you in
determining correct doneness and assure you that foods have been cooked to safe temperatures when using

microwave-only cooking. Sharp is not responsible for any damage to the oven when accessories are used.

For automatic cooking,


use the recommended container in the cooking chart in this operation manual or the


There are certain techniques for cooking with steam. It is essential that these techniques are followed for good

results. Many of them are similar to those used in conventional cooking so may require little change. Note information
in all of the charts in the cookbook for all cooking options that use SuperSteam Convection (Roast, Convenience

Foods, Broil) and Steam (Cook, Reheat, Keep Warm and Proof).

• Always attend the oven when



• Use utensils/cookware suitable


the cooking mode as described on page 6.

• Ventilate the room to allow the steam to dissipate.
• Refer to the charts in the SuperSteam Oven Cookbook for recommended cooking settings and times.
• After cooking and the oven has cooled, remove and empty the reservoir, wipe oven cavity with a soft

cloth or sponge. Wait a few minutes, then empty the drip tray.


Cooking Techniques

Baking Tray •
High Rack •

Steam Basket

Place food in steam basket on high rack in baking tray so steam reaches all sides

and cooking is even. For faster cooking, use upper level in oven. Foods crowded

together will take longer to cook, so position with enough space between items to

allow the steam to circulate.


Covering is not necessary in most cases. It a cover is required, aluminum foil is
recommended to keep food from becoming wet.


For accurate cooking times, keep the door closed.


Sometimes soups or casseroles reheated without covering look watery after cooking.

Appearance will be better if stirred well.


Standing time is recommended after cooking to allow heat to disperse equally through­

out the food. Do not allow to stand in the oven for a long time; food may be over­
cooked or wet from the residual steam.




Steam mode can be used to blanch vegetables to prepare them for freezing.

Place the prepared vegetables in the steam basket on the high rack in the baking tray.

Use upper level in oven. Press Steam, MANUAL and desired time 4 - 5 minutes. Press

START. After steaming, put in cold water to cool quickly. Drain and then freeze.