Final assembly – Flyzone HCAA2511 User Manual

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21. At this point, you will need to center the servos and

adjust the aileron pushrods. Set the wing down fl at on the
table with the bottom side up. With the radio still on, check to
see that the servo arms are parallel with each other. If they
are not, adjust the aileron trim on your transmitter until they
are parallel like the second photo.

❏ ❏

22. Loosen the aileron pushrod locking screws. Use

a straight edge to set each aileron to zero travel (centered).

With the aileron set, tighten the pushrod locking screw.
Check to see that the aileron stayed centered and that the

linkage is secure.

23. Unplug the LiPo battery and turn off your transmitter.

Final Assembly

1. Tuck the wires into the fuselage and fi t the wing. Install

the wing using the four supplied 8" [203mm] rubber bands.
Cross one pair as shown. Make sure that the wing is sitting
correctly and that the servo wires are not caught between
the wing saddle and the wing.

2. Snap the landing gear in place and fi t the servo hatch.