Charge jack, Trainer function – Flyzone HCAA2511 User Manual

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If during a fl ight the Tx LED starts to fl ash, accompanied
by the sounding of audible tones, it’s a warning that the

Tx batteries have become weak and the aircraft should be

landed as soon as possible!



Do NOT attempt to recharge

alkaline batteries! The charge jack should
ONLY be used if rechargeable cells are used
in the transmitter.

The TTX404 includes a built-in charge jack for convenient

recharging of NiCd or NiMH batteries, and is compatible
with charge leads designed for Futaba


brand transmitters.

This jack is NOT compatible with charge leads for Hitec





, JR


or Spektrum


radios. The dimensions for

compatible charge plugs are as shown in the picture below.

To use the charge jack with optional rechargeable batteries,

fi rst remove the sticker that covers the charge jack on the
side of the Tx – making sure not to allow any object to be

inserted inside the jack itself. Next, insert the cells inside
the Tx’s battery compartment noting proper polarity. Make
sure the transmitter’s power switch is in the OFF position.

Connect a compatible charge lead to the jack and follow the

instructions included with the charger for charging of NiCd or
NiMH batteries that are rated at 4.8V.

Tactic’s optional TACP1000 rechargeable battery and wall

charger kit includes four “AA” size rechargeable NiMH cells
and 110V AC wall charger, which is compatible with this Tx
and can be found at local retailers. Make sure to follow the
instructions included with the charge kit.


It’s not recommended to charge

batteries at greater than 1 amp through this
charge jack. Fast charging of NiCd and NiMH
batteries should ONLY be done with chargers
that are specifi cally designed to include the

peak-detection function which can automatically stop charge
when full charge is detected. Misuse, improper charging, or
over-charging of rechargeable cells can result in damage to
the cells that could include cell rupture, explosion, or fi re!!


The TTX404 Tx includes a built-in wireless trainer function –

no trainer cable required! This trainer system connects a
teacher’s Tactic Tx to a student’s Tactic Tx by wireless
connection. Tactic’s wireless trainer function is not compatible
with trainer systems in any other brand radios.


Before attempting to fl y the

airplane, it’s very important to make sure all
reversing switches and trim lever adjustments
on the student’s Tx match the settings on the
teacher’s Tx! Otherwise, the airplane could

suddenly veer off in an unwanted manner when the teacher’s
trainer switch is pressed. Proper alignment of the student
and teacher’s Tx settings should ensure that no unexpected
movements occur when the trainer switch is pressed. This
is especially true of the throttle control!

1. The Tx that was used to setup the controls on the

aircraft must be used by the TEACHER.

2. The student must use a separate Tactic Tx with wireless

trainer function.

3. Place the teacher and student’s transmitters within 1

meter of each other, and make sure the throttle stick for
each Tx is set to idle.

4. Turn ON the power switch for the Tx being held by the


5. Pull and hold the trainer switch on the teacher’s Tx, and

then turn the ON teacher’s Tx power switch.

6. The LED on the teacher’s Tx will fl ash 3 times to indicate

it has become bound with the student’s Tx.

7. The teacher can then release his trainer switch.

8. Once both transmitters are bound together, power can

be applied to the receiver to prepare for fl ight.

When the training session has ended, with the model on the

ground and all power is removed from the model, simply turn
the power switch to the teacher and student’s transmitters to